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our values

Vigilance AI is a team of experts in computer vision and healthcare.  Our values are innovation, compassion, and reliability.

Innovation: We are constantly at the forefront of new technology and never settle for the minimal viable product.

Compassion: We do our work with compassion. Keeping older adults safe, healthy, and in their own homes has special meaning to us and is what motivates us. Our hearts are in our work.

Reliability: The reliability of our product is everything to us and everything to our users.​

Arvind Radhakrishnen
CEO, Product Leader

  • 17+ Years of Product Strategy and Commercialization experience in B2B 

  • Venture builder with previous track of launching profitable enterprises.

  • 12+ Years of P&L Owner experience

  • MBA with University of Illinois

  • 6 Patents

  • Top Innovator - TATA Group

Sahil Sharma, MD
Head of GTM

  • 10+ Years of experience in Medicine, with expertise in patient adult care

  • MD and MBA with University of Illinois

Manish Purohit
Head of Tech

  • 20+ Years of Experience working with Petabyte scale data processing and Machine Learning

  • Computer Vision Architect

  • Venture builder with previous exits

  • MS in Data Science and Business Analytics, University of North Carolina

Jamie Sharma
Resident SME

7+ Years of experience with specialization as DNP and Adult-Gerontology


Henry Basra
Advisor - Finance

  • 15+ Years of Finance, Investment Planning 

  • MBA - Kellog Northwestern Mutual

Jessica Dangles

  • 10+ Years of experience in healthcare licensure, accreditation, and certification

  • MS in Human Resources

  • MBA from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

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