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Computer vision product which uses cameras deployed on site to perform behavioral analysis and generate activity summary aiding identification of symptoms like UTI, Pneumonia and prevent hospitalization.


How is it deployed?

the ai advantage

Cameras monitor the user’s activities to abnormalities such as dehydration, ambulation/gait changes, change in bathroom habits and early signs of infection.


Changes in daily living activities are captured on the application. This includes length of coughing episodes, sitting duration, sleeping duration, and water intake.


Our patent pending computer-vision based technology reduces the burden on family members and/or caretakers. The monitoring service sends automated notifications and alerts emergency services to provide life-saving care


Cameras are mounted in the residence and connected via Wi-Fi to a local edge device creating a closed loop.

The edge node sends alerts to resident’s primary care giver (family member or home health department).

Alerts can signify a fall, change in drinking or bathroom habits, or a notification of a potential fall or fire hazard.  

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